Sunday, July 31, 2011

Montana Pyrex Finds

Well, as you can tell people get rid of a lot of orange and yellow Pyrex. Haha! Good thing orange is my favorite color. :) My goal is to collect all the colors. I saw a couple in Hot Springs while visiting my grandma, but when I went back to get them the store was closed. There was a really pretty light blue bowl that I wish I would have gotten. Even though I like orange, I think the light blue Pyrex is my favorite. Not bad for some finds on a road trip. I spent less than $20 on all of them. Love it! I looked at some at the antique stores, but they were crazy priced. One place was asking $15 for a small bowl. Nuts... Anyway, it's a fun little hobby.

Friday, July 22, 2011

My first Pyrex finds!

A couple days ago during bedtime I stumbled across this blog and totally got drawn in. An hour or so (probably more like a few hours...shhhhh) and a lot of "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs" later I stumbled across a couple other blogs, this one and this one. I decided I wanted to start collecting vintage Pyrex. 

The colors are so pretty and the designs are cute. I could just see them all sitting in my hutch (that I don't have) in my kitchen looking all pretty for everyone to see. The great thing about vintage Pyrex is you can find it at DI or any thrift store for really cheap. So, we've been cleaning the house and DIing a bunch of things which is nice cause it cleans out the clutter and it gives me a chance to go look for Pyrex. 

The first couple times we did a run I went in and found nothing. Jason would comment "Nothing?".... "Nope nothing, this time." I'd say. He's always in for a good hunt, so today when I went in he knew I found something when it was taking me more than a minute to get out of the store.

I walked in and went straight back to the section where the Pyrex would be looked over the shelves twice and then looked a third time. That's when I saw these two sitting in the back.
I checked the bottom and sure enough Pyrex! My first Pyrex!!!! They aren't very big. The blue one is 1.5 pt size and the other one is 1.5 quart size. I really like them. When I was checking out the lady behind me said to her husband, "Oooh, she found Pyrex!"

They'll be perfect for mixing small things or a good salad, or Ooooh! Taco Rice! They're perfect Taco Rice bowls.

I've already used the yellow one. I made the filling for these pies in it. We made lemon though, not key lime.

This week we're going up to Montana to visit my Grandma Roggia and Grandma Cook and Jason and I have already planned on stopping at a couple thrift stores to check them out.