Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good deal!

We were close to a DI earlier today and my hubby says, "Run in and see if there's anything." I wasn't expecting to find anything and I didn't see anything at first until I spotted the little fridge dish, at the bottom, hiding behind some other stuff. Then I thought I'd check out the cups "just in case" and I saw the Old Town cups. I thought about only getting one, but then I thought of my Grandma Cook and thought they'd be a great addition to the collection. The thing that cracks me up about those cups is 4 out of the 5 say Pyrex on the bottom and ONE says Corning.  I also spotted ONE Ribbon Bouquet mug. I thought it looked a little different than normal Pyrex, but sure enough it says Pyrex on the bottom. I also found two small green lined plates. I don't know what pattern or what they are, but they say Pyrex. I also found this one dish. It's Corning, and I don't know the pattern, but I had to get it. :)

The best part... It all cost me $5.50!! :) I LOVE finding good deals!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot Springs, Montana Finds

 I saw this bowl at the little "thrift" shop in Hot Springs, Montana while visiting my Grandma. It's such a little town I didn't think I could find anything. I saw this bowl at the bottom back of a shelf and I kept going back and forth on it. It didn't look like it was in the best condition and I'm trying to be more selective in my finds, so I left it behind. 

I later told my hubby about it and while he was picking up some comics he decided to grab this bowl too. He told me he's seen me purchase bowls that were in worse condition and that this one he liked cause it made him think of our dads being in the military and all. He knew I could clean it up with some elbow grease.

 Sure enough, it cleaned up nice and pretty. Not many scratches to it. This bowl is actually pretty rare it seems. I'm glad he got it anyway.
 It even has this neat little tab on the bottom of the bowl. 

I saw these yellow bowls. $30 is a lot more than I normally pay for Pyrex, but they were all in good condition and I couldn't leave the store empty handed so I picked them up. Plus, I really like the yellow.
 This little bowl was also close to the yellow bowls at the shop. The store owner gave it to me for free! :) I love when that happens! We even found a bowl like this in the back corner of a HIGH shelf at my Grandma's house. Everyone kept telling me to ask her for it, but I was nervous and missed the opportunity.