Friday, June 22, 2012

San Antonio Find

My in-laws are visiting from San Antonio and they brought this little find with them for my birthday!

I don't have any black Pyrex so this little treasure was really cool. My first thought was how awesome it'll look when we have a Halloween party. The orange and black is just perfect. :) 

Here's some info on it. My in-laws were so excited to have found a rare Pyrex. Not bad for never having shopped for Pyrex before. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Pyrex season!!!

FINALLY!!! It's Pyrex season! I've searched all winter to find some and nothing has come up until now. 

We went and looked at a couple stores and I found this little gravy boat. It made me think of my 96 yr old grandma so, I HAD to get it. :)
Then we stopped at a store on the way home and found a mint yellow refrigerator dish. Sometimes I wish I could find the lids too, but I'm running out of storage space and it's easier to stack without lids.
Today I found this blue one. The lid was FILTHY! I thought I'd try all the tricks to get it clean.

The dish washed up perfect... The lid... it's still soaking. I scrubbed it with barkeeper's friend and tried a Mr. Clean sponge with no luck.
Then I found this cute little 1.5 pt bowl. It's such a cute pattern. I think I'll use it for cereal tomorrow. :) 
Here's to a fruitful Pyrex season!!