Sunday, August 28, 2011

A BBQ with my Pyrex finds.

Yesterday we had a BBQ with the family. It was SO much fun! The great thing about having Pyrex is all the bowls and things you can use for such an occasion. :) We used it to hold the veggies before they were grilled.... Doesn't the chicken just look amazing?? Yeah, my hubby's an awesome BBQer.
Then I used a divided dish and bowl to hold my apples and strawberries that went along with this awesome dip. It's such a GREAT dip. Super simple too.

I just LOVE using my Pyrex!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Square Pyrex Find

I found this at a quick stop at DI the other day. My 2nd pink piece. It's a little beat up (You can't really tell in the picture.) I wish there was a way to paint back on the shine on these things. I've tried the whole rubbing oil on it thing, but it doesn't stay on forever and it leaves finger prints. Oh, well... one day I'll figure it out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

English Pyrex Find

I found these two casseroles at DI today. I wasn't too sure if they were Pyrex at first, but I checked the bottom (of course...) and it said Pyrex ENGLAND! Cool! My first international Pyrex. :) The big one has a little nick on the handle, but that's ok. 

The pattern is called Country Autumn.... Hummm... I will have to make a YUMMY autumn dish in it. Maybe something with pumpkin. Mmmm... pumpkin!

I also saw another red bowl that was really damaged. When, oh, when will I ever find a nice red bowl? One day....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Primary Colors Find

Today we went by a local Savers thrift store and I found these!
I was so excited to see these! There were also 3 little red fridgies, but they were all messed up. :( The blues, weren't perfect, but I thought they were fixable so, I got them. The yellows were in great shape. I glanced over the racks while thinking about buying the blues and saw the pink pie plate and had to snatch it up. It's in awesome shape, no scratches or anything. I can't wait to cook a pie in it!

I put all my fridgies together and had to take a picture. They're so great looking! I just love it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exciting Finds

We went to get our brakes fixed today and on the way home we stopped by a DI. I walked in straight to the glass section and saw these....
I literally gasped! I got SOO excited! They're SO beautiful and no scratches, perfect condition (besides a tiny chip on the rim of dark brown bowl). I snatched them so quick and kept looking for more. While I was looking at the cups a lady stopped and said, "Aren't they so pretty? I was carrying them around for a minute, but decided to put them back. I wanted to get these plates instead." I made sure to thank her for leaving them so I could have them. Haha! She told me about how I could sell them on ebay and make a ton off of them and I told her I was a collector and was so excited to add them to my collection. We talked for another minute before she wished me happy hunting and went on her way. I love meeting other collectors.

The little cup isn't Pyrex, it's Corelle, but the pattern matched the Woodland Brown bowls and I thought it was cute. I could see a bunch of buttons in it in my sewing room.

What a great bunch of finds today. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red and Green Finds

The only red Pyrex I have are these two little refrigerator dishes. The shiny one I found today and the beat up one was my first red. It's so sad.... All the reds I've found up until today have looked like the one on the right or worse. Poor reds...

I felt so bad for that little one that I had to get it a while back. Compared to the one I got today it's amazing how shiny and nice it used to be. If only people knew how dishwashers (I'm assuming that's what did it to it.) ruined these poor things. I found a green one..... let me rephrase that.... a white one that USED to be green. 
I would have LOVED it if it was still green. :( Poor thing.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Clear Pyrex Finds

Like all my other Pyrex finds, we were running around in the car and stopped by a DI so I could go for a little search. I wasn't expecting to find anything in the way of bowls or casseroles since I haven't found much lately, but I thought there might be a cup or two.

After looking over the plates and cups for a few minutes I came across nothing. So, I decided to look at the clear stuff. I'm not much of a clear Pyrex collector, just cause a lot of it is newer and it's not that special. I did find these two pretty Pyrex though. 

This Old Town carafe was sitting there all dirty and needing a good wash. I wasn't sure if it was Pyrex or not, but the pattern looked familiar so I checked it out and sure enough it was!

Then there was this BRAND NEW loaf pan that looked like it had never been touched. For $2, I couldn't turn it down. It has a slight blue tint to it too, so it's not totally colorless.

I'm glad I stopped in. Even though I didn't find any bowls, this made my day. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Hanging with my Sister" Finds

A couple days ago my sister and I went to the reception of a family friend. We stopped by a couple thrift sores and found nothing besides some poor bowls that used to be red. I SOOO wish I could find a nice red bowl. All the ones I've seen here in the valley are all scrubbed off and destroyed. What is it with the red that makes everyone want to mess them up? The last place we hit up before going to the reception had these two little Old Orchard bowls sitting on a lonely shelf. Joy spotted them first and since she's not a collector (yet!) she gave 'em to me to take home. I'm not the biggest fan the brown ones, but they look good stacked with my Early American ones.
 I'm starting to get quite the collection. I love that I don't have any matching sets and that I have a good mix of whites and colors. I love it! Though, the other day I almost bid on a Primary colors set on Ebay.... maybe one day. I don't know, the shipping is WAY too much. 

Right now I'm just hoping to find a BIG red bowl some day soon. Jason found one in a Goodwill in California when he was working, but he couldn't carry it on the plane back home. He said it was in mint condition too. :( If only...

Yesterday we went around to a couple yard sales with no luck. Oh well. I did get a good idea for stacking my bowls though from the Pyrex Love site. So, we went over to Lowes and got some PVC pipe. I just have to cut it up and then I can use it to stack my bowls. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"On The Way To The Vet" Finds

My oldest and I took our Schnauzer, Fraulein, in for her yearly shots today. I didn't mind going because I knew there was a DI close and since I'm addicted I could go and check for Pyrex after her shots.
I found this pretty little Bluegrass saucer. I'd LOVE to have a complete set. How awesome would it be to have that set as my special plates. I'll have to keep my eyes out for more.
I also found this little Butterfly Gold mug for $.50.

Yay for little Pyrex finds! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Only Ebay Find

I've never bid on Ebay before, but I've always wanted a butter dish and now that I'm collecting Pyrex, when I found that they had butter dishes I was all about finding one. I look on Ebay every now and then, but the shipping cost for Pyrex is out of this world so I never get anything. A couple days ago though, I found this little pretty going for a low low price and only had $5 shipping so I had to go for it. I waited until the last 2 seconds to place my bid and I won! Yay! It came in the mail today and now I have a butter dish that will be used all the time. LOVE IT!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Start of the Week Finds

This Monday Jason and I went on a date and on the way to the movies there "just happened" to be a DI on the way. So, we stopped in and found some pretty Pyrex. We found the two white and brown Americana bowls and the solid white cake pan. Then today we went out to run errands and we stopped by another DI and I found the pretty butter colored casserole with the stand, a clear mini custard, and 3 cute cups. Jason says I need to pick one day to search for Pyrex cause this going all the time is going to drive him nuts. Hahaha!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ogden Finds

My sister and I went up to Ogden this weekend to take the kids to the Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park. I love when parks give free admission to places like this. The kids absoloutly LOVED it. All the big dinos all over. Well, after we went there it was time for Joy and I to have our fun. We pulled over into a parking lot to find a DI on my phone when Joy said, "Hey look! A thrift store!!" So, I headed in. Totally ghetto, a real beat up place. I looked around and didn't see anything besides some old Anchor Hocking stuff. I looked all over and then looked again (I've noticed I have to look a couple times just to make sure.) and there she was.... The pretty yellow dot bowl! Poor thing had black marks all over it, but I knew either Bar Keeper's Friend or the Magic Eraser would get it off. (It totally got it off, You could never tell there were black marks on it.)
After that little place we headed down to the DI in Centerville and found these two cups (Same pattern my mom had in plates and bowls when I was a little kid.)

And this solid white bowl.
Joy used to be a major thrifter until she had kids and then she stopped, but I think I've gotten her back into it. She found a couple Pyrex pie plates like my Grandma Cooks. We're already planning on hitting up some yard sales and swap meets this weekend. I love spending time with my sister and finding these little treasures. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New finds...

Yesterday we went out to run errands and stopped by a couple thrift stores. By we, I mean me and the 4 kids. NOT an easy task... PLUS, it was raining!  I found these 4 pretties at DI and Thrift Town. The red one is a little beat up and there were 2 really neat square bowls, but the red was sanded off or scrubbed off or something, they were really abused. The white and dark blue one is in perfect condition. It was dirty when I got it, but after a little wash it looks new! I really think it would be cool to get some more divided dishes in different colors and use them when we have another calzone party and put all the different ingredients in each one. That would look pretty cool out on the table.

I spent $7.35 on all of these dishes. Pretty cool, huh?