Monday, September 17, 2012

A quilt for baby #5

I had all the squares cut out for this quilt for a few months now, but they kept getting pushed to the side until last night. Honestly, I think the reason this quilt took forever was because the colors didn't look right to me when I laid them out for the first time. I got tired of looking at the squares begging to be sewn so I went with my original pattern and hoped for the best. I'm glad I stuck with it cause the more I look at it the more it grows on me. I got it all sewn together and bound in about 3 hours. I love baby quilts cause they go FAST. The back is a soft felt and I used a thicker batting. Baby #5 (still working on his name) will LOVE it. 

We painted the bassinet a golden yellow and this quilt fits it PERFECTLY! I even made a sheet for the mattress (that I made too!!) using this tutorial from MADE. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A complete set and Our Best Bites

Yesterday while finding some jeans for my 6 yr old I found the 3 bigger bowls in this set. I knew I had the little bowl, so I had to complete the set. Plus, the big bowl is just the perfect size! I can't wait to mix up some delicious foods in it. 

Today I went to the book signing for the new Our Best Bites cookbook. I just LOVE their food. We have yet to find a recipe we didn't like. 

These ladies were just AWESOME! I went to a book signing for Pioneer Woman once and it was such a night and day difference. Not that the Pioneer Woman is not nice or anything, just this book signing was so organized and the ladies were so friendly and kind to everyone they met. I brought my 8 yr old daughter with me and they just talked to her like they've known her forever. They even had a room set aside for the kids to decorate cupcakes and color place mats. I just loved it! 

Here are their two cookbooks. We use them ALL. THE. TIME. The stroganoff is my FAVORITE. Mmmm!!! I can't wait to make all the stuff in the new book. Tomorrow I'll be making the orange rolls. YES!

Two more signed cookbooks to add to my collection. :) If you haven't gotten their cookbooks, GO AND GET THEM!! Check out their blog too... It's FULL of awesome recipes. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Found it in Fresno

We went on a trip to Fresno the past weekend and I found this guy at a Goodwill out there for $3. I can see him being used for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas. Ooh, it'd be perfect for nuts! I can't wait to use him.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little hunting

A couple days ago a friend of ours was visiting Mississippi while on a business trip and decided to check out a antique store to check out if there was any Pyrex. He kept sending us picture after picture of all these amazing finds. He said it was an old 2 floor cotton house with no AC and there was Pyrex EVERYWHERE. We told him a couple that we wanted. I can't wait to get them! He said he ended up fighting 2 southern women for them. HAHA! 

Of course his hunting made me want to find some, so I went for a little hunt. There was nothing at the first 2 stores, but I thought I'd check out the new Goodwill in town. I ended up finding these!!!

I found a complete 12 person set of tea cups and plates, but decided to only take 8 of them. They're all in REALLY good condition. I can't wait for the weather to get cold so we can have a hot cocoa party!